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Temple Town

Yanaka is a town located in Taito-ku, Tokyo, and is often called a "temple town" because of all the temples located in it. There are about 70 temples here. Among them is the Tenno-ji temple, and the Meguro Fudoson temple from the Edo Era, and the Yushima Tenjin temple together with the "Edo no Mitomi" lottery that was permitted there, it is said this area flourished with people and currently part of that area has become the Yanaka Cemetery. The Yanaka Cemetary has around 7000 graves in it, with numerous famous Japanese historical individuals in it including the Edo Era's last shogun Tokugawa Yoshinobu as well as many famous painters and actors. There are trace remains of a 5-storied pagoda based on the story "The Five-story Pagoda" by Koda Rohan here as well. The northern side of the cemetery is a hill and you can see the Tokyo Sky Tree from the top. In the surrounding town of Yanaka there is a popular walking tour that takes tourists through the temples of the "Seven Lucky Gods" as well. The tour takes about 2 hours.

The old-fashioned shopping street

One of Yanaka's charms is its old fashioned shopping street. There is a 175m stretch of road from end-to end where you can enjoy old shops and general stores selling candy and a variety of other things, as well as clothing stores. It closes the distance between customer and merchant and you enjoy a more "human" shopping experience, getting to experience the good old days when you dealt directly with merchants. As you exit towards JR Nippori Station there is the JR "Yuyakedandan" where you can gaze at a beautiful sunset. This spot is very famous for its excellent view of both the sunset and the town, and you can gaze over the quaint and pleasant landscape of the town.


By train, use the JR East Yamanote Line, the Joban Line, the Nippori-Toneri or the Keisei Electric Railway's Main Line to go to Nippori Station (日暮里駅). By subway, use the Toei Subway's Chiyoda Line to Sendagi Station (都営地下鉄千代田線の「千駄木駅」). By bus, you can use the Taito City Bus's Sendagi 3-chome stop or the Taito Circulation Bus "Megurin" to the Yanaka-Ginza Street Stalls stop (谷中銀座・よみせ通り停留所). By car, take the No. 1 Ueno Line Highway to the Ueno IC (上野IC). You will have to use coin-operated parking in the nearby areas.

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Sights Yanaka (谷中)
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