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About Ikegami Honmon-ji Temple

Ikegami Honmon-ji Temple, located in Ota-ku, Tokyo is the headquarters of the Nichiren Sect, known as a sacred place where Nichiren Shonin died. On the way from Mt. Minobu to Hitachi for hot-spring cure, 61 year-old Nichiren Shonin died in the residence of Ikegami Munenaka, a feudal lord of Ikegami, Musashi. At that time, Ikegami Munenaka offered roughly 70,000 tsubo of land (approx. 52 acres) which corresponds to the number of Chinese characters in the Lotus Sutra. The temple was founded on the land.

About the precinct of the temple

The temple hoto, a five-story pagoda has been nationally designated as important cultural property. As the headquarters of the Nichiren Sect, the temple enshrines many statues of Nichiren, among which the wooden sitting statue of Nichiren Shonin enshrined in Daido (Soshido) has been registered as cultural property. In addition, the statue of Nitcho, a Buddhist disciple of Nichiren, is enshrined. Since he became blind at the age of 61 but recovered his sight in later years, people pray for Nitcho's divine favor to cure eye trouble and to help academic accomplishment. Shoto-en, a garden at the back of the honden (main hall), is known as the venue where Saigo Takamori of the Meiji new government army and Katsu Kaishu representing the Tokugawa shogunate regime met to negotiate about the surrender of Edo Castle, the symbol of the shogunate regime and the political keystone in 1868. The garden is one of places very popular among those interested in the history of the last days of the Tokugawa shogunate regime and the Meiji Restoration. Besides the grave of Nichiren, there are the graves of Koda Rohan, a novelist, Rikidozan, a pro wrestler, Ichikawa Raizo, a kabuki actor and others.


By public transportation, the nearest station is Ikegami station on the Tokyo Ikegami Line. From the station, it is a 10 minute walk. By car, exit at Togoshi Interchange on the Metropolitan Expressway Meguro Line and drive for Yokohama direction for 15 minutes. A free parking lot is available.

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Sights Ikegami Honmon-ji Temple (池上本門寺)
Address 1-1-1 Ikegami, Ota-ku, Tokyo
Phone / Fax Phone: 03-3752-2331 / Fax: 03-3752-3350
Duration 2Hour(s)
Admission Fee Free admission
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Spring (March - May)
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