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See space from a different perspective

TeNQ is a space-themed museum, opened in 2014. The concept of the museum is "Impress the Space", which allows to look at space from a different perspective.

The museum has 9 floors. There is a projection map called "The Origins Room" (height 4.5m, width 20m) through which you can learn what kind of thoughts ancient and modern people had about space. "Space theater", which is in fact a hole in the floor (radius 11 m) projects images of the Earth, taken from the ISS. "Science" room is where the achievements of space science are exhibited. At "Imagination" you can play with round-shaped robots or see night sky-themed art objects. At TeNQ Space store, you can buy JAXA and TeNQ goods, telescopes and other souvenirs. There are also space snacks that can make a good souvenir. You can go inside the TeNQ store without visiting the museum.

There is a time-limit system in TeNQ. That means you can only enter the museum within a certain time period, specified on your ticket. Entrance fee is 1800 yen for adults, students are 1500 yen, people over 65 years old and from 4 to 15 years old  are 1200 yen. Children below 4 cannot enter the museum and those younger than 10 should be accompanied by an adult. You can buy tickets via Internet or at Seven-Eleven convenience stores. If there are free slots, you may also buy tickets at the counter.


Train: Suidobashi station on JR Chuo line, Sobu line, Mita line. Korakuen Station on Marunouchi line, Nanboku line. Kasuga Station on Oedo line.

Car: There is a 670-vehicle parking lot. The fee is 400 yen for 30 minutes.

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Sights TeNQ (TeNQ)
Address 1-3-61 Koraku, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Phone / Fax Phone: 03-5800-9999
Duration 2Hour(s)
Business Hours Monday:11:00-21:00 (Last entry by: 20:00)
Tuesday:11:00-21:00 (Last entry by: 20:00)
Wednesday:11:00-21:00 (Last entry by: 20:00)
Thursday:11:00-21:00 (Last entry by: 20:00)
Friday:11:00-21:00 (Last entry by: 20:00)
Saturday:11:00-21:00 (Last entry by: 20:00)
Sunday:11:00-21:00 (Last entry by: 20:00)
Closed dates 7 days open
Admission Fee Pay admission: 1,800yen
Recommended Season
Spring (March - May)
Summer (June - August) Autumn (September - November) Winter (December - February)
Recommended target Family Couples Child (ages 7-17) Adult (ages 20+) Single traveller

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