Yokohama Port Tour Boat and Cruise

Yokohama Port Tour Boat and Cruise

Yokohama Cruise

Yokohama cruise a historical and romantic experience

The Yokohama cruise is a very popular tourist attraction, a short sightseeing cruise that departs near a red brick building on the pier. It runs both as day and a night cruise, so you can enjoy the charm of Yokohama.

The day cruises available are the "Red brick warehouse – Yokohama cruise" and there is a special "Tour cruise" available during certain time periods such as Christmas, New Years, and Golden week. The most commonly operated, the "Red Brick Warehouse – Yokohama Cruise" goes from a red brick building on the pier towards Honmoku, divided by the Bay Bridge, and does a figure-eight course over a period of about 55 minutes. On the trip, the scenery is wide open with nothing to obstruct your view, and you can enjoy it from a new viewpoint just from being on the ocean. You’ll get a deeper feeling for how Yokohama developed alongside its port.

Yokohama was long secluded from the world but was one the first of Japan’s ports to open to the world in modern times. Prior to its opening, Commodore Perry from the United States who lead the black ships into Japan anchored at a place called "Perry Point", which the cruise goes by. There is a simulation using augmented reality to show what the port would have looked like at the time Perry dropped anchor there. For the Japanese people who had never contacted a foreign country up until that time, the lineup of the black ships was a truly phenomenal sight.

There are also photography spots for professional photographers. It operates 4 times a day so you can choose whether you want to enjoy a blue sky or a romantic sunset. The capacity for each cruise is 55 people.

3 types of night cruises, reservations required.

There are also 2 cruises that run at night to show off the factory landscape of Japan. There are 3 varieties of cruises that you can enjoy snacks and drinks on. The "Factory Night View" comes recommended.

The Factory Night View allows you to enjoy Yokohama at night, lit up by factories. Yokohama is home to one of Japan’s 4 large industrial areas, the Keihin industrial area which you can see from the canal. There is a veritable forest of warehouses and tanks along the canal which creates an extraordinary landscape in the darkness, and many Japanese like to come see this as well. It is truly an unforgettable experience and comes highly recommended.

There are two other night cruises, the Jungle Cruise and the "Adventure Cruise" which go in the direction of Negishi, and these are very popular so you must reserve in advance because there is a 50 people maximum limit. 

Access, fees, and operation days

To get to the area where the cruises depart you should take the Minato Mirai line to Nihon Odori Station (本大通り駅) or Basamichi Station (馬車道駅) and it’s a 6 minute walk. You can also take the JR Municipal Subway Blue Line to Kannai Station (関内駅) or Sakuragi-cho Station (桜木町駅) and walk 15 minutes. You can take a bus from Sakuragi-cho and get off at the Akarenga Sokou stop (赤レンガ倉庫) as well.

Prices vary from cruise to cruise, day cruises are 1200 yen for adults and night cruises range between 4600 and 4900 yen for an adult. Operation dates vary by cruise so please check in advance.

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Sights Yokohama Port Tour Boat and Cruise (横浜クルーズ)
Address 1-1 Shinko, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
Phone / Fax Phone: 045-290-8377 / Fax: 045-290-7838
Duration 90Minutes
Recommended Season
Spring (March - May)
Summer (June - August) Autumn (September - November) Winter (December - February)
Recommended target Family Couples Adult (ages 20+) Single traveller

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