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Aso is an area located in the northern part of Kumamoto prefecture.  It includes the city of Aso, the county of Aso, the city of Kikuchi, and the counties of Kamimashiki and Shimomashiki. 

This is an area with rich nature and is designated as Aso Kuju National Park.  In spring, there are new green leaves and in autumn the colored leaves and susuki grass spread.  There are many sightseeing spots where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery such as Mt. Aso, Mt.Naka, and Mt.Daikanbo.

The fine quality of the spring water makes the hot springs popular and Kurogawa Onsen and Tsuetate Onsen are famous quiet mountain hot springs. 

It is convenient to have a car for getting around this area.  There is a sightseeing train called Aso Boy but it has limited service so please choose transportation that suits your travel plans.  From major cities, you can get to this area by plane and JR Tohi main line.  The nearest airport, Kumamoto Airport, is accessible from Tokyo by plane and it is easy to take a bus from the airport to Aso.  It takes about 3 hours.

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