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Ebino is an area centered on Miyazaki Prefecture’s Ebino City and Kobayashi City. Located in the western part of Miyazaki prefecture, it neighbors Kumamoto Prefecture and Kagoshima Prefecture.

This area is designated as a national park that is managed by the country, where you can enjoy beautiful and magnificent nature scenery. Notable sightseeing spots where you can enjoy trekking and other outdoor activities are highlands such as the Ebino Plateau and Ikoma Plateau, Shiratori Onsen, and Mt. Karakuni. This area is highly recommended for people who enjoy camping, etc. In winter the Ebino Kogen Ice Skating Area is opened, where you can enjoy ice skating whilst gazing at Mt. Karakuni.

A car is recommended for traveling through the area. When using public transportation, you can use buses; however the buses are limited by number and time, so please check in advance. Ebino Kogen is about 1 hour and 30 minutes away from Miyazaki Station by high-speed bus. Aside from Miyazaki Station, you can use high-speed buses from Hakata Station or Kagoshima Airport.

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