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This seaside tower boasts a height of 234m, and was built in 1989 for the 100th anniversary of Fukuoka. It has a very modern appearance made of equilateral triangles covered with 8000 sheets of half-mirror, it has the nickname of "mirror sail". The view from the observation deck allows you to look out over the romantic night scenery of Fukuoka as if a jewelry box had been spread out beneath your eyes. Over 10 million people came to Fukuoka Tower to see this night landscape in 2010, and the tower is lit up with lights that vary with the seasons, so you can even enjoy the tower from afar as a symbol of Fukuoka.

The panorama from the observation floor

When you go up to the 123m-point observation room, you will find a 360-degree panorama waiting for you. You can see Fukuoka City, the Hakata Bay, and the mountains beyond them. You can watch as the sun sets and the daylight is replaced by the glittering lights of the sunset at night, a breathtaking transitory sight.

At 120m there is a sky lounge, "Rufuju" where you can enjoy lunch or coffee, or a romantic dinner at night. Dinner course is 3000yen (reservation required.)

Additionally, if you visit Fukuoka Tower on your birthday, entry is free and you will receive a special birthday gift. The birthday gifts can be received 3 days before or after your birthday, and you will need something to prove your birthdate (such as a passport.)

Popular with couples

On the observation floor at 116 is installed heart-shaped artwork, and it has been set up as a "lovers’ holy land". There is a fence where couples may attach a padlock to symbolize their eternal love, and many couples come here to pledge their love to each other.

On the first floor of Fukuoka Tower there are shops and restaurants, such as European cuisine that uses fresh Hakata ingredients. There are also shops selling local products, portrait corners, and anniversary photography services available.

Please note that from October until March the tower closes at 21:00 (admission open until 20:30). Travelers may be able to get a discount here if they display their passport.


To get to the tower, you can get there by bus, train, or car. To get there by train, take the Subway Airport Line to Nishijin Station (西新駅) and get off, and it is 20 minutes to walk or 9 minutes by bus. By bus, take the JR Sanyo Shinkansen to Hakata Station (博多駅) and take a 25-minute Nishitetsu bus from the Hakata bus terminal. You can also take a Nishitetsu bus from Hakata Airport for a 45 minute ride. By car, take the Kyushu Expressway to Fukuoka IC (福岡) or Dazaifu IC (太宰府) and from there get on the Fukoka High Speed Route 1 (福岡高速1号線), and then get off at the Momochi Ramp (百道ランプ). Fukuoka Tower offers parking from 9:30 to 17:00 for 500 yen/30min (November to February parking is 300 yen/30min). If you use over 1000 yen visiting the tower and shopping, parking up to 2 hours is free.

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