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Goto, Tsushima, Iki is an area that includes the islands around the Northwestern part of Nagasaki prefecture.


Goto is an area that includes the Goto Islands, which consists of about 140 islands. The Goto Islands Island has a history of Christian believers who were forbidden to practice in Japan immigrating and cultivating the land, and there are many churches scattered around the island. Popular sites include these churches, beautiful beaches, and gourmet cuisine such as Goto Udon.

The Goto Islands is accessible by plane from Nagasaki airport or Fukuoka airport, or by ship from Nagasaki Port, Sasebo Port, Hakata Port. Please note that the means of transport available for each island is different.


Tsushima is an island located at the northernmost tip of Kyushu. This attraction of this island is it's rich environment, outdoor activities, and natural monument, Tsushimayamaneko. Also, because it is near the Korean Peninsula, There's a site seeing observatory, from which you can see Busan. You can also enjoy Korean style BBQ dishes which were adapted postwar.

The island can be accessed by plane from Nagasaki Airport, Fukuoka Airport, or from Hakata Port.


Iki is the area which includes Iki city centered on Ikijima. On Ikijima, in addition to beautiful beaches and hot springs, there is a traditional performance art known as "Kagura" which is popular. There is also Iki Shochu (known as the original wheat distilled spirit) and the town is abundant with fresh seafood from the Genkai sea.

The island can be accessed by plane from Nagasaki Airport or from Hakata Port.

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