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Itoman is an area located in the southern part of the main island of Okinawa Prefecture. It includes Itoman City, Nanjo City, and Tomigusuku City. This area is blessed with fields of rich soil and plenty of seafood. In early summer, Itoman holds the ‘Itoman Hare’ festival which attracts many visitors.

This area has numerous World War 2 memorial monuments and battlefield ruins and numerous other spots dedicated to the history of war and peace. You can learn about the history of World War 2 at spots like Okinawa Peace Park, the Himeyuri Peace Museum which has the Himeyuri Monument, and the Former Naval Command Headquarters. In Nanjo City you can visit Sefa-utaki, which was worshipped as the most holy religious site of the Ryukyu Kingdom that formerly occupied this area in the 15th century. This site is highly recommended for individuals who wish to experience Okinawa’s unique culture.

A car is convenient for traveling through the area. The only public transportation is buses, and in the event that only a few buses run in a given day there is a possibility you won’t be able to use your time effectively, so check the bus schedules in advance. From each region of Japan you can get to Okinawa via plane. There is an airport in the neighboring area of Naha, so you will want to rent a car near the airport.

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