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Kagoshima is located in the southern area of Kyushu.  Most of the land there is made of volcanic ash and sediment.  Although the climate of Kagoshima is relatively warm with an average temperature of 19 degrees Celsius, it also sometimes snows in the winter.

The main tourist spot of Kagoshima is Sakurajima IslandSakurajima Island has an altitude of 1117 meters and is an active volcano.   It was once an island however, due to the lava flow from the eruption of 1914, it became connected to Osumi Peninsula.  If you want to see Sakurajima up close, the Arimura Lava Observatory and the Yunohira Observatory are recommended.  It is not an exaggeration to say that the majestic silhouette of Sakurajima is Kagoshima’s symbol.

The area around Kagoshima Station faces Kagoshima Bay and Kagoshima City Aquarium is located along the water.  In the immediate vicinity is the port of Sailing Tour Boat Queen's "Shiroyama".  Visitors can cruise Kagoshima bay while viewing Sakurajima Island.  If you are lucky, you may even spot dolphins that swim in the Kagoshima Bay.  In addition, a trip to Shiroyama, which overlooks Sakurajima and Kagoshima City is also recommended.

It is possible to access Kagoshima by airplane or bullet train.  The closest airport is Kagoshima Airport and there is a bus available from the airport to Kagoshima City.  On the bullet train, get off at the Kagoshima Chuo Station.  From Kagoshima Chuo Station, it is one station to Kagoshima Station and visitors can reach the central area making use of this 5 minute train ride.  Travel within Kagoshima is by train or car.  Within the city, there is a streetcar that is also convenient.

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