Former Takatori Estate

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Former Takatori Estate

This mansion in Karatsu, Saga Prefecture was originally a residence of Takatori Koreyoshi, Meiji period coal tycoon. Having learned mining as a government official, he supervised the modernization and the development of coal mining in Karatsu, which was lagging behind. He made a significant contribution to the coal mining in Kyushu, to the extent he was called "King of Coal".

This estate employed the best design of its time and you can feel the blend of east and west here. The lamps in art nouveau style are installed around the house, which also features the Noh stage. The estate is designated as Important Cultural Property.


20 minutes walking from Karatsu Station. Alternatively, take a bus and after 10 minutes get off at "Jonaininomon" bus stop, 5 minute walk from there.

Car: From Taku IC on Nagasaki Expressway, use roads 203, 204, then drive on road 279 and turn right near Minami Jonai Parking entrance. If you drive from Fukuoka, use Nijo/Hamatama bypass and then take road 202 or 279 and turn right at Minami Jonai Parking entrance.

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Sights Former Takatori Estate (旧高取邸 )
Address 5-40 Kita-Jo-nai, Karatsu-shi, Saga
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