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Kumejima is an area in southwest Okinawa Prefecture that includes Kumejima and the Kerama Islands (Tokashiki Island, Zamami Island, Aka Island.) The islands are blessed with lush nature and a temperate climate, and in 2014 they were designated as a national park. 

For sightseeing locations, there are many beautiful beaches. You can enjoy swimming in crystal-clear emerald green seas at beaches like Hatenohama Beach, Tokashiku Beach, Eef Beach and Furuzamami Beach. Also, the Sea Turtle Museum of Kume Island works to protect endangered sea turtles, and if your luck is good you might get a chance to see a sea turtle.

For traveling through the islands, you can use buses, rental cars, and rental bikes. Compared to other islands Kumejima is relatively wide, so a car is convenient. To get to Kumejima from various major cities in Japan, you can take an airplane to Naha Airport and then transfer over, or you can take a ferry from Okinawa’s main island. If you choose to take a ferry, the travel time is about 3 hours. On the way there, the ferry passes through Tokashiki Island.

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