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Nichinan is an area located at the southernmost point of Miyazaki prefecture.  It includes the cities of Nichinan and Kushima.

For sightseeing there are Udo-jingu Shrine and Cape Toi, and many spots where nature can be enjoyed such as a park named Sun Messe Nichinan, where Moai statues, a rarity in Japan, are lined up. In the summer there are plenty of marine activities such as surfing. Other than that, there are spots related to Japanese history such as the Samurai Residences of Nichinan and Merchant House Museum, so if you are interested, you should go.

It is convenient to have a car for getting around this area.  A flight from Haneda Airport takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes.  It takes about 80 minutes by bus to get from Miyazaki Airport to the area’s nearest station, Obi Station.

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