Osumi Peninsula Travel Guide

This area includes the remote islands floating in the Osumi Peninsula and the southern part of Kagoshima Prefecture.

Osumi Peninsula

Osumi Peninsula is a peninsula protruding from the southern part of Kagoshima prefecture. It includes Shibushi city, Kanoya city, Kimotsuki District etc. When Sakurajima erupted in January 1914, Osumi Peninsula and Sakurajima were expanded. Close to the Satsuma Peninsula, there are ferry services leading to the Osumi Peninsula in operation.

Sightseeing spots include Sata Cape which is a cape located at the southernmost tip of Kyushu, and Chikakuzakura which produces Shochu, a specialty of this region. We also recommend natural scenic areas such as Arupairi Tenjin.

A car is a convenient way to get around the area. Since trains don't run through it, Its best to go to Kagoshima city first when trying to access other prefectures. From Kagoshima city central station, the Kagoshima central line can be used to access each city by bullet train or airplane. It is about 60 minutes by car to drive from Kagoshima city to Sata Cape at the end of the Osumi Peninsula. The time required for taking an airplane from there from Tokyo is about 3 hours 30 minutes.

The remote islands of Kagoshima prefecture

The remote islands in Kagoshima Prefecture include many unique islands such as Tanegashima, with the JAXA's Space Center and the Amami Islands, designated as a Japanese National Park. There are plenty of attractions that can only be seen on the island, such as festivals, traditional events and animals and plants which are designated as natural treasures.

Each island can be accessed through airports such as Kagoshima Airport, or you can use the ferry which operates from Kagoshima prefecture and Okinawa prefecture.

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