Yonaguni Island

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About Yonaguni Island

Yonaguni Island is one of the Yaeyama islands located in Okinawa. It is an island that sits on Japan’s westernmost border. The total area is 28.88 km2, the island’s circumference is 27.49km, and the highest altitude on the island is 231.4m.  The island sits at almost exactly the middle point between Ishigaki Island and Taiwan which makes the island feel almost like a separate country by itself.
As for the atmosphere of the island, the average temperature is almost always above 20C, which means that if the weather is good you can wear light clothing even in winter.
On Yonaguni Island there is a particular breed of horse that is bred called Yonaguni-uma, this breed has been designated as a protected species. There are also a few other protected species here, including the Yonaguni-karasubato (Japanese wood pigeon) and Japan’s largest species of moth, the atlas moth. The island is a very rich natural habitat, and there is even an area of unexplored tropical jungle here.
One of the island’s major attractions is the surrounding sea. The sea is directly in the path of the Kuroshio Current and so you can find well-known fish like marlins and anglers. It is very famous as a diving spot where you can see schools of hammerhead sharks and also unusual undersea terrain, which is popularly theorized to be underwater ruins. There is also a semisubmersible boat called the Jack Dolphin that runs through the waters which allows guests to enjoy the famous Yonaguni sea without having to dive.
You can also rent cars and bikes on the island, and there are buses and taxis available for use as well. However, at the harbor and airport there are no taxis that wait for customers so you may have no choice but to rent a car or use a bus. The island’s terrain undulates and so if you are using a bike please be conscious of your physical strength as well as the time required to travel.
One other point is that there will sometimes be horses directly by the side of the road and these wild animals are very used to living here so they will not move if you approach, so if you are on a car or a bike you should be very careful not to go too fast, or else you might run into one of the animals.


From the Okinawa main island’s Naha Airport you can take a 1h 30m plane trip to Yonaguni. If you travel from Naha Airport or Ishigaki Island’s New Ishigaki Airport, you can fly to Yonaguni Island, and from there or you can use the Ishigaki Island Terminal to take a ferry to Yonaguni Island. However, be advised that the area of ocean that the ferry traverses has very violent tides and the sea frequently becomes very rough, so if you get seasick easily you should either take precautions or simply fly to Yonaguni.


Description: Yonaguni Island

Sights Yonaguni Island (与那国島)
Address Yonaguni-cho, Yaeyama-gun, Okinawa
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