Yakushima Travel Guide

Yakushima is an island located south of Kagoshima Prefecture.  It is a mystical place where 90% of the island is forested.

Yakushima Island has Jomon Sugi (Jomon cedar) trees that are said to be over 7000 years old, and nature that has lived for more years than imaginable on Mt. Miyanoura, the highest peak on Kyushu.  In 1993, Yakushima’s nature was recognized for its value and was registered as a World Heritage Site.

The main attraction of Yakushima are in the forest.  When entering the forest, visitors are surrounded by large cedar.  In Yakushima, cedar that is older than 1000 years is called Yakusugi.  There is a lot of rain in Yakushima and moss is native to the rock and trees.  The forest is always fresh and will put you in a refreshing mood.  There are also sightseeing spots associated with water such as Shiratani Unsui Valley, Senpiro Falls, Toroki Falls, and Oko Falls.

There are unexpected encounters in the forest as well, in particular, Yakushika deer and Yakuzaru monkeys.  There are countless varieties of plants and creatures in Yakushima, some which can only be seen here, so be sure to take a close look.

Yakushima is accessible from Kagoshima by plane or ship.  By express ship, the journey takes 2 hours one way, or 4 hours by ferry.  By airplane, the travel time is 1.5 hours.

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