Yufuin Travel Guide

Yufuin is the hot springs area in Yufu City in Oita Prefecture.  Yufuin is located in the center of Oita Prefecture and is adjacent to Beppu City and Oita City.

The main street of Yufuin extends from Yufuin Station towards Lake Kinrin.  The bustling street is full of general stores and restaurants.  There are also cultural facilities such as Chagall Museum, Yufuin Stained Glass Museum, and Kyushu Yufuin Folk Craft Village.

The tourist destinations in the area can be reached by foot.  There are also rickshaws and sightseeing horse drawn carriages which offer sights not available by foot as well as a narration guide.

A short distance away from the hot springs is Mt. Yufudake which is loved by local climbers.  Its main feature are the two peaks that appear like two humps on a camel’s back.  The four season can be enjoyed here: azalea called Miyama Kirishima bloom in May, fresh greenery in the summer, fall foliage and snow in the winter.  At Yufuin, there are inns and spa facilities that overlook Mt. Yufudake and it is particularly amazing to see Mt. Yufudake while bathing in a hot spring.

Yufuin can be accessed by train or bus from Beppu or Oita.  From Beppu, it takes approximately 1 hour by bus or train.  From Beppu, take the train toward Hakata called “Yufuin no Mori-go Train”.

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