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Imabari / Shimanami Kaido is the area that includes Imabari city of Ehime Prefecture. Imabari city is connected by a bridge across Seto Inland Sea to Onomichi city of Hiroshima Prefecture and this bridge crossing the sea is referred to as “Shimanami Kaido”.

Shimanami Kaido is also used as a cycling course with a dedicated cycling-only road as well. There are rental bicycles that let visitors easily enjoy this activity. The beautiful scenery that can be seen while passing through the islands of the Seto Inland Sea is a sight not to miss.

Imabari’s tourist destinations include historical and cultural places such as Imabari Castle, Murakami Suigun Museum, and Oyamazumi Shrine. In addition, there are places where visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery and nature of Seto Inland Sea such as Mt.Karei Look Out Park, and Kirosan Observatory. Imabari is also known as a specialty area of towels.

It is most convenient to travel within the area by car, however, the JR Yosan Line runs along the coast. People who are confident in their physical strength can also try using a bicycle to get around. The closest airport is Matsuyama Airport of Ehime Prefecture. From Matsuyama Airport, take the bus to JR Matsuyama Station to transfer to Yosan Line to reach Imabari Station where Imabari Castle is located. From the airport, Imabari Station is approximately 1 hour.

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