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Naoshima is an island belonging to Kagawa Prefecture.  Though it is located between Takamatsu City and Okayama City, it is in close proximity to Tamano City of Okayama Prefecture.

Naoshima is the home to Benesse House Museum, Lee Ufan Museum, Chichu Art Museum, and ANDO MUSEUM which exhibit works of world famous artists.  Artwork is installed all around the island and the entire island is like an art museum.

In addition to large art museums, there are many smaller art projects around the island including “Art House Project” which makes use of vacant houses, which allows visitors to enjoy artwork while taking a stroll.

The island is rich in nature and in addition to art, visitors can enjoy swimming and trekking.  The entrance to Naoshima is its harbor and there are many eateries, rental car offices and inns concentrated near the Miyanoura Harbor area.

Transportation within Naoshima is by car, bus or rental bicycle.  To travel around efficiently, using the bus system or driving is recommended.  People who are able to spend ample time here and are in good physical condition can get around by rental bicycle however, it gets extremely hot in the summer and is necessary to take measures against heat strokes.

Though Naoshima belongs to Kagawa Prefecture, access is convenient from Okayama Prefecture.  Take the train to Uno Station then take a ferry from Uno Port (located right outside of the Uno Station ticket gate) to Naoshima.  The ferry takes 20 minutes and costs 290 yen each way.  To go to Naoshima from Kagawa Prefecture, take the ferry from Takamatsu Port.  The ride takes 60 minutes and costs 520 yen each way.

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