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Tokushima is the area that includes Mima City and Tokushima City within Tokushima Prefecture.  Tokushima City is the central city within Tokushima Prefecture.

As a tourist destination, Tokushima Prefecture offers Mt.Bizan which is symbolic of the area, and Traditional Townscape of Udatsu, Wakimachi, a district that was crowded with merchants during the Edo period (1603-1868).  Tokushima was the home to the production of indigo dyes in the country and the residence of merchant Yoshida who made a fortune dealing in raw materials of indigo still remain today.  The town itself has been designated as an Important Building Group Preservation District of the country.

In addition, Tokushima is famous for its summer festival which is held in August and features the traditional Awa Odori Dance.  Over 100,000 people participate in the dance and show an impressive climax.  There is also a museum called “Awa Odori Hall” where visitors can enjoy Awa Odori throughout the year.

The recommended transportation within Tokushima is by car.  Through public transportation by bus and train are available within the city, due to the minimal number per day, it is recommended to travel by car.  The closest airport to Tokushima is the Tokushima Awaodori Airport.  To reach JR Tokushima Station from the airport, take the limousine bus which costs 440 yen each way.

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