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Aizu Wakamatsu is an area centered on Aizu Wakamatsu city in Fukushima Prefecture. It is famous for the traditional craft of ‘Aizu Lacquerware’, and it is also well-known as a production area for rice and sake.

Aizu Wakamatsu has a large number of tourist spots related to Japanese history. Among them is Tsuruga-jo Castle, a symbolic monument of Aizu Wakamatsu which has a prominent red-tiled roof. Aside from that, there are other locations like the Aizu Buke-Yashiki (Samurai Residence) and the Nisshin-kan, Han School of Aizu where you can learn about the culture and customs of Japan’s samurai era.

Speaking of old townscapes, we also recommend Aizu-Higashiyama Onsen. You can enjoy a soak in the hot springs while immersed in nature, and during the winter you can even watch the snow fall. For those who enjoy railroads, we recommend the JR Tadami Line. Enjoy the scenery of this snowy region from the comfort of a train window.

For traveling throughout the area, trains and cars are convenient. There are a relatively high number of locations which are accessible by train as well. To reach Aizu Wakamatsu you can take a train or high speed bus. The nearest train station in the area is Aizu Wakamatsu Train Station; from Tokyo you can take the Tohoku Shinkansen to Koriyama Station, or take the Joestsu Shinkansen Line to Niigata Station, and from either of those stations you can transfer to the Ban’etsu Nishi Line to travel to Aizu Wakamatsu Station. The total travel time is about 3 – 4 hours. 

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