Tadami Line

Tadami Line

What is the Tadami Line?

The Tadami Line of the JR East connects Aizuwakamatsu Station in Fukushima prefecture and Koide Station in Uonuma City, Niigata prefecture. The Tadami Line was an indispensable means of transportation for local people living in this area of heavy snowfall. The Tadami Line is famous for its beautiful landscape. The line was selected one of the best three local lines that provide a beautiful snowy landscape in 2003, as well as the best line with autumn colours in 2008. However, the line between Tadami Station and Aizukawaguchi station is under suspension due to a torrential downpour that both Niigata and Fukushima prefecture suffered from in 2011. There is no plan for restoration and the line is now on the verge of closing down. Currently, buses are temporarily in service between Tadami Station and Aizuwakamatsu Station.

The section of the line between Aizukawaguchi and Aizuyanaizu provides a superb view as the train goes through mountains along the Tadami River, crossing four bridges (No.1 to No.4 Tadami Bridge). Where the trains and these bridges meet there is a perfect photo opportunity, for railway and nature fans, of the views of the harmonious scenery including the natural landscape and the manmade line. The landscape along the line is also impressive: cherry blossoms in spring, the Tadami River with fresh green enveloped in white mist in summer, the colors of autumn leaves and the snowy scenery in winter.

There are many places worth visiting around each station of the line. The beautiful landscape that spreads around Aizunakagawa Station was selected as one of the best 100 satoyama (farming landscape near the hills and mountains in Japan). Tsuru-no-yu hot spring, boosting its history of 1,200 years, is located in the area close to Hayato Station. Aizunishikata Station is near the second Tadami Bridge and famous as a photographic spot. The entrance toward the Yanaizu Onsen hot spring of Aizuyanaizu station is recognized as one of the 100 stations of the Tohoku Region. Fukumankokuzoson-Enjo-ji Temple with a history of 1,200 years is ten minutes on foot from the station. You can enjoy specialties of Aizuyanizsu like Yanaizu pork cutlet bowl and awa manju (steamed bun made of millet).

The Tadami Line between Koide Station and Aizuwakamatsu Station (including the section with bus service), in total, takes four hours. To enjoy a superb view spreading between Aizuwakamatsu Station and Aizuyanaizu Station, it is recommended to get on the train from Aizuwakamatsu Station to Aizukawaguchi, a two-hour journey.

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