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Akita is an area of Akita Prefecture, located in the northern Tohoku region. The western part of the region faces the Sea of Japan. Akita is a region that is famous for its production of rice.

For sightseeing spots, within the direct vicinity of the central Akita Station you can easily access spots such as Akita City Folk Traditions Hall Neburi-nagashi Hall, Akita Omoriyama Zoo Milve, and the Akita Museum of Art. Akita has plenty of festivals to enjoy as well; every year on the 4th weekend in August a national fireworks competition is held, commonly called the “Omagari-no-Hanabi.” At this fireworks festival, fireworks workers from all over the country gather to compete and see who has the best fireworks in all of Japan.

The Akita area has many tourist attractions directly surrounding train stations, so train station travel is the most convenient. If you are visiting from another city you can use the Shinkansen or an airplane. If you are coming from Tokyo via Shinkansen the travel time is about 4 hours. The closest airport is the Akita Airport, and from there you can take a 30-minute bus ride to reach Akita Station.

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