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The city of Aomori is located at the northernmost tip of Honshu Island and is a city within Aomori Prefecture.  The central city of the area is Aomori city which is located in central Aomori Prefecture and the northern part of the area faces Aomori Bay.

A well-known event of Aomori is the Nebuta Festival.  The Nebuta Festival is held every August and is a summer festival which has been passed down through the generations.  At this festival, a gigantic lantern in the image of the historical figure, Nebuta, parades the city.  When visiting Aomori, the Nebuta Festival is a recommended event, however, if you are visiting at other times of the year, a visit to Wa Rasse Nebuta House, is also recommended.  The large lantern used at the festival is on exhibit here and its force can be enjoyed year-round.

Aomori city is the hometown of Munakata Shiko, famous printmaker representative of Japan, and the Munakata Shiko Memorial Museum of Art located here exhibits his initial to mid-term work.  It is a recommended spot for people who are interested.

Travel within the area is by car, train or bus.  The center of transportation in the area is Aomori Station.  Be sure to check the busses that operate from Aomori Station.  When arriving from outside of Aomori, use the closest airport, Aomori Airport, or visitors can also arrive by Tohoku Shinkansen bullet train.

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