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Fukushima is located in the southern area of the Tohoku region.

This hot spring area features many hot springs including the famous Iizaka Onsen Hot Spring area, and Tsuchiyu Onsen Hot Spring where visitors can view beautiful seasonal flowers.  Also in the area is Adatara Kogen Dake Onsen Hot Spring which has a history dating back to the year 863.  The bath springs from an acidic fountain and is popular for its health and medical effects for skin conditions, cuts, burns, and neuralgia, as well as its positive beauty effects of the skin.  It is also possible to try day-bathing without staying overnight at a hotel.

At Adatara Mountain Range where Adatara Kogen Dake Onsen is located, visitors can enjoy trekking and hiking along the 9 km of the mountain range.  There are 9 courses to the top, and nature trails have been established, making it safe for even beginners.  In addition, there are golf courses and ski resorts, providing activities throughout the year.

The area is known for peaches, grapes and pears.  When visiting the area, try these sweet and juicy fruits.  Depending on the season, there are also places which provide fruit picking activities so make sure you check before you go.  The area also is known for Iizaka ramen noodles which feature a thin and flat noodle.  While visiting the area, try cuisine that can only be tasted here.

The mode of transportation in the area depends on where you are going.  To go to Iizaka Onsen, take the Fukushima Kotsu Iizaka Line from Fukushima Station.  It is a 25 minute ride and a car is not necessary.  However, to go mountain climbing or hiking, it is necessary to drive to the area.  The central area where Fukushima Station is located, is accessible by Tohoku Shinkansen bullet train and takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes from Tokyo.  To get to the area by airplane, use Fukushima Airport.

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