Sukawa Kogen Onsen

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About Sukawa Kogen Onsen

Sukawa Kogen Onsen is a hot springs located at the mountain entrance of Mt. Kurikoma. The words Sukawa Kogen refer to the Sukawa-Kogen Plateau, which this 1-house hot springs inn was named after.

The water at this hot springs is acidic which is unusual in Japan and the spring source discharges 6000 liters of hot water per minute. It has been popular as a bathing spot ever since the Edo era(1603~1867. They have a variety of bathing locations for visitors to enjoy including indoor and outdoor public baths, private bathing rooms that you may reserve, and also steam baths. The inn accepts visitors even if you are not planning to stay the night, so you can easily combine a visit to this onsen alongside a hike up Mt. Kurikoma. They have a hall and a restaurant where you can take a break as well as a souvenir shop. If you do make reservations at the onsen you can use the hot springs 24 hours a day aside from when they are being cleaned. 

If you are visiting on a day trip the indoor bath hours are from 9:00~16:00, and the outdoor bath hours are 6:00~21:00. The entry fee is 600 yen for adults and 300 yen for children. Please note that during the winter period from November until roughly April the onsen is closed.


From JR Ichinoseki Station take an Iwate-ken Kotsu Bus headed for Sukawa Kogen Onsen and ride the bus to the final stop. The total trip time is about 90 minutes. Please note that this bus only does two round trips per day. If you are visiting by car, take the Tohoku Expressway to Ichinoseki IC and drive 70 minutes from the interchange. 

Description: Sukawa Kogen Onsen

Sights Sukawa Kogen Onsen (須川高原温泉)
Address Hayashihanto, Matsurubeyama National Forest 46, Ichinoseki, Iwate Prefecture
Phone / Fax Phone: 0191-23-9337
Duration 2Hour(s)
Closed dates Winter season
Admission Fee Pay admission: 600yen
Recommended Season Summer (June - August) Autumn (September - November)
Recommended target Family Couples Groups Adult (ages 20+) Single traveller

Map: Sukawa Kogen Onsen