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Ishinomaki is an area located downriver of the Kitakami River. The region includes Ishinomaki City and Tome City. It is home to the Kinkazan Fishing Grounds, one of the three largest fishing grounds in the entire world. The region also offers a variety of different food for visitors to enjoy.

Ishinomaki is well known as the birthplace of the manga artist Shotaro Ishinomori. For this reason, the region features numerous spots related to Shotaro Ishinomori and manga, such as the Ishinomaki Manga Road, the Ishinomori Manga Museum, and the Shotaro Ishinomori Memorial Museum. Also, you can visit the island of Kinkasan (Mt. Kinka) which floats in the Pacific Ocean near Ishinomaki. At this island there is the Kinkasan Koganeyama Shrine which is said to blessings of monetary fortune and good luck to visitors, which attracts many people all throughout the year. The island is lush with greenery thanks to its many virgin forests, and there are plenty of wild monkeys and deer living on the island as well. 

For traveling throughout the area, you can use public transportation such as buses and trains. To get to Ishinomaki, it’s convenient to travel via Sendai. If you are traveling by airplane, you can take a bus from Sendai Airport to Sendai Station, and from there you can take a bus or a train to get to Ishinomaki Station. The Shinkansen travels to Sendai Station, so travel by Shinkansen is convenient.

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