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Kitakami is an area that includes Iwate Prefecture’s Kitakami City, Hanamaki City, and Oshu City. Located inside of Iwate Prefecture, the largest river in the Tohoku region, the Kitakami River, runs north to south through the area. It is an area full of lush greenery, surrounded on all sides by beautiful mountains.

For sightseeing, the Kitakami region has numerous historical sites including the Hatten Ruins and the Ezuri Burial Mounds, which are nationally designated historic ruins. Among the various sites, there are a few places where you can enjoy historical buildings and the atmosphere of the Meiji Era, such as the Esashi-Fuijiwara Heritage Park and Michinoku Folklore Village. There are also numerous scenic spots, such as the Kitakami Tenshochi Park which is famous for its beautiful cherry blossoms.

For traveling around Kitakami, a car is recommended. If you have no car, you can take a taxi from the nearest train station to the sightseeing spots you’re interested in. If you are traveling from Tokyo, Osaka, or Hokkaido, taking the Shinkansen is recommended. The nearest airport is Iwate Hanamaki Airport. The nearest train station to the airport is the Hanamaki Airport Station, where you can take a 10-minute train ride to the nearby Kitakami Station.

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