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Sanriku Kaigan is located in the eastern area of Iwate Prefecture.  The area faces the Pacific Ocean is characterized by the jagged terrain of Rias Coast.

The coast is popular for its scenic spots.  The pine which grows in the white rhyolite, and Jodoga-hama Coast, known for its clear blue sea landscape have been designated as national scenic spots.  In addition, a popular activity is to cruise the waters of Sanriku between the rocks, on a small fishing boat, on a cruise called “Sappa Boat Adventure”.  The area is packed with tourist destinations rich in nature including Ryusen-do Cave, one of three largest limestone caves in Japan.

To travel around the Sanriku coast, the Kita Riasu Line takes visitors along the coast from Iwate Prefecture’s Miyako Station to Kuji Station.  To travel inland, there are no trains, thus, it is necessary to make use of a car or busses.  To access the Sanriku area, it is convenient to arrive by Shinkansen bullet train or by bus.  Take the Shinkansen to Morioka Station and transfer to a highway bus.  From Tokyo, the trip will take approximately 4 hours.

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