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Shimokita is at the northernmost portion of Honshu Island and the terrain protrudes into the sea and also referred to as Shimokita Peninsula.

The entire peninsula of Shimokita has been designated as a National Park and the area is rich in nature.  Among the popular tourist destinations are the Hotokega-ura formation which is a rock formed by sub-marine volcanic activity and spans 2km, and the Yagen Onsen hot spring as well as other onsen which have spring quality water.  In addition, many people visit the hallowed ground of Mt.Osore-zan, which is one of three major hollowed grounds of Japan.

To travel around the area, it is convenient to use busses or a car.  To visit Mt.Osore-zan, use the bus which leaves from JR Shimokita Station.  Visitors can arrive to Shimokita via plane or Shinkansen bullet train.  By bullet train or railway from Tokyo, it will take approximately 4 hours 30 minutes.

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