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Tazawako (Lake Tazawa) refers to a caldera lake and the area surrounding it, located in Semboku City, Akita Prefecture. Tazawako is the deepest lake in Japan.

The Tazawako region’s characteristic features are its sparkling azure lake, surrounded by lush green mountains. There are tourist spots surrounding the lake, such as  Kansa-gu Shrine (Ukigi-jinja Shrine). You can also enjoy outdoor activities on the lake such as canoeing and yachting. There are numerous other points to enjoy such as the Akita Nairiku Jukan Railway, Sashimaki Shitsugen (Wetland), Tazawa-ko Kon-jiki Daikannon, and Dakigaeri Gorge. In the northern part of the region you can enjoy hot springs attractions such as the Tamagawa Onsen Nature Trail and Goshogake Onsen.

You can access the area surrounding Tazawako via car or bus. The nearest train station is Tazawako Station, which you can access via the Shinkansen. Alternatively, you can take an airplane to Akita Airport, and from the airport you can take a taxi.

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