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Tsugaru is located in the western area of Aomori Prefecture.  It includes Tsugaru city, Goshogawara city, and Kuroishi city.  The area is known nationwide for its crops such as apples and rice, and for the Tsugaru Shamisen instrument which is used to accompany folk songs passed down through the generations.

A famous event in the area is the Goshogawara Tachineputa Festival held every August 4th through 8th.  At the festival, a gigantic doll in the image of a historical figure named Tachineputa, parades through the city.  Visitors can also feel the power of the Tachineputa which is on display at the Tachineputa Museum in Goshogawara city.  The city is also the birthplace of Dazai Osamu, author of “No Longer Human” and “Run, Melos!”  The house where he spent his childhood is open to the public as the Dazai Osamu Memorial Hall, “Shayo-kan”.

Travel within the area is convenient by train or by car.  The Tsugaru Railway, which crosses the Tsugaru Peninsula from north to south, allows visitors to enjoy the natural scenery of the four seasons.  There are events on the train, for example, a “stove train”, which operates a stove within the cabin during the winter.  The Tsugaru area can be reached by Hokkaido Shinkansen bullet train, highway bus, or plane.  It is approximately 3 hours 40 minutes by bullet train or rail from Tokyo.

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