Onogawa Onsen

Onogawa Onsen

About Onogawa Onsen

A famous hot spring related to the female poet Ono no Komachi who was known as a very beautiful woman around 1200 years ago in the Heian Period. The water quality is very high and it is a high-temperature containing sodium and calcium. It contains a high quantity of negative ions and is among Japan’s top class for radium content. It is said to be excellent for nervous system issues such as stiff shoulders.

There are 14 hotels in this area and each one allows you to purchase a 1000-yen ticket to enjoy various baths in different inns, up to 3 different places. When you’re done with your ticket you can enjoy a painting experience for free. There is also a firefly park and open-air bathing that is separated by gender for 200yen. You can win free tickets at each inn so don’t forget to use them!

If you want to simply enjoy the hot springs, try out the free foot baths. There are footbaths at each inn for people to use, you can just put your feet in and relax. The Ryokan Association has a drinking fountain office as well for you to enjoy drinking hot spring water. 

Plenty of fun to have

These hot springs are also famous for their fireflies, and there are 3 places you can see fireflies—Genji, Heike, and Himebotaru. Every year the fireflies appear in June and last until about mid-July. Best time to come is about the beginning of July.

People also come to see the artwork that is done in rice paddies here by various artists. There are various depictions of people connected to Yonezawa, such as Ono no Komachi, Uesugi Kenshin, Naoe Kanetsugu, and Maeda Keiji. The pictures are visible from June and can be seen until the rice is harvested.

Yonezawa is a treasure trove of natural ingredients such as beef, wild plants, and traditional vegetables. Every week on Sunday there’s a morning market with vegetables, edible wild plants, mushrooms, and fruits which are all popular as souvenirs.


You can reach it by either car or bus. By car, take the Tohoku Expressway to the Fukushima Iizaka IC (福島飯坂) and it’s 60 minutes to Yonezawa. It’s about 15 minutes along the Onogawa Highway from Yonezawa. The snow piles up from December to March so you MUST have appropriate tire preparations to deal with the road. There are also buses from JR Yonezawa Station (米沢駅) that take about 25 minutes to get there. You can also take a 20-minute 3000-yen taxi from Yonezawa station as well.

Description: Onogawa Onsen

Sights Onogawa Onsen (小野川温泉)
Address Yamagata Prefecture, Yonezawa-shi, Onogawa Prefecture
Phone / Fax Phone:
Duration 24Hour(s)
Recommended Season
Spring (March - May)
Summer (June - August) Autumn (September - November) Winter (December - February)
Recommended target Family Couples Groups Adult (ages 20+)

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